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Shaping Seafood's Future Since 1961

Samways is proud to have always been a family run business. Established in January 1961, Mr. Clifford Samways sold his catch from a wooden barrow in West Bay, Dorset. It was from these humble beginnings that Samways grew a reputation for selling top quality Seafood from Lyme Bay.

Fifty years on, under the leadership of Mr. Clive Samways, Samways continues to work with over 150 local vessels, bringing the finest quality Seafood to all of our customers. We believe that this attitude is the only way to provide a sustainable future for our oceans.

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Our Local Fishermen

Samways is proud of its long-standing relationship with over 150 inshore vessels, landing to us on a daily basis. It is our belief that these relationships are the key to producing the highest-quality Seafood on the market, and ensuring that we remain proactive in our approach to sustainable sourcing.

Furthermore, we take great pride in all of our local fishermen who have the skill, knowledge, determination and passion to fish in all conditions. Fishing can be a challenging game, taking years of dedication and experience, which makes us all the more grateful for the quality of fishermen and vessels we witness on our shores.

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As the sustainability of our oceans has come to the forefront in recent years, it has become one of our biggest priorities. Samways’ skippers are aware of the importance of a sustainable fishing industry to preserve current fish stocks for future generations. As a result, many boats that we work with are associated with the Responsible Fishing Scheme, whilst we are proud suppliers of MSC products sourced from UK fisheries.

Samways are also strong advocates of the challenges faced in reducing levels of plastic within our oceans. This issue has gained strong media attention, through the footage shown across the BBC’s Blue Planet II series, and remains a passionate element within the business. We are striving to improve bio-degradable solutions within our own business model, and will continue to increase the awareness surrounding this worrying trend of plastic waste.

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Commercial Trade

In 1985, Samways led a pioneering entry into the European and International market, supplying to some of Europe’s largest seafood suppliers. The commercial department is in constant demand from customers across Europe. Key to this success is the Samways’ distribution fleet. Our competitive and timely delivery ensures that every minute of precious shelf life is passed on to the customer, ensuring the delivery of Seafood of the highest quality.

We are constantly looking to expand our long list of overseas customers and our experiences as International Transporters mean that we have vehicles crossing the channel on a daily basis. We believe that the wonderful variety of Seafood offered from the South Coasts of the UK should not be withheld, but should be shared across the globe.

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Scallop Production

Alongside our traditional Seafood range, we are proud producers of our own Scallops. We have a dedicated set of professional Scallop cutters in-house, allowing us to cut fresh products every day, from the daily landings we receive. Having this dedicated set-up also allows customers to specify their preference to preparation on their products, and we currently supply roe-on, roe-less, half-shells and pieces to various markets worldwide.

Also, customers have the option to receive their Scallops fresh or frozen, to best suit their market. We have a dedicated freezer production specialised towards Scallop production, allowing for superb quality on each batch that is produced.

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Retail Trade

At Samways, we are passionate about making beautifully fresh and affordable Seafood products for everyone. As a result, we are very proud to have created our fresh Fish retail range. Our retail packs are covered by eye-catching labels, stacked with nutrients, and remain dry and smell-free. Whether you are a fully-fledged chef, or a first time cook, our packs are simple and fuss free, each with an easy but delicious recipe for you to try out.

Look out for our retail range in farm shops and supermarkets across the UK. Alternatively, you can pop into our Retail store in West Bay to get your daily dose!

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Retail Shop - Your Local Fishmongers

Our shop, situated at the heart of West Bay, has always been bustling with customers popping in to collect their Seafood, prepared to the highest quality by Dave and his team. The shop also holds our very own sealed retail packs, which are ideal to grab for a quick and easy dinner as you head home for the day.

The Shop has a fantastic variety of fresh Seafood from across the south coast. Benefitting from our fresh daily catch, you can be sure that the shop stocks the freshest produce available.

"We look forward to hearing from you soon, please pop in and say hello"

David Williams, Retail Shop Manager
Samways - West Bay - Bridport - Dorset - DT6 4EN
Contact Number - 01308 424496
Open: 8am-5pm, 7 days a week.

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